Listening - Tuesday, Jan 28th 2020


This early Coco Bees album is one of my favorites – heavy on the guitar-stuttering tricks Chris Rosenau has perfected over the years, abstract without veering too far from what it is abstracting… Jon Mueller sounds like a young man on this! I didn’t remember him singing on it, but there is no contemporary chant-style intonation here, just pure teen heart-throb indie crooning.

I haven’t heard Man Or Astro-Man? since the 90s – they were one of those bands I’d hear at band rehearsal or listen to with friends but I never fully got into myself. I guess not much has changed. Funny since I’ve developed a love of surf music as an adult – well, I guess it’s more accurate to say I’ve developed a love for Alan Jenkins surf projects… and Man Or Astro-Man? has plenty of studio electronics smeared here and there, a cheeky sense of humor… I don’t know. It doesn’t really work for me for some reason. I almost turned the album off several times. The one highlight was track 9 which was a 90 second pop song that sounded like it was recorded inside of a dumpster, during a dumpster fire. That was very nice! Points also for the cheeky robot synth ending, but I might not come back to another Man Or Astro-Man? album for another 20 years or so…

Spill’s Fluoresce is hard to describe, but Tony Buck’s skittery drums and Magda Mayas’ crystalline pianos and misc implements are a match made in heaven. They have two other records I haven’t heard yet!