Listening - Monday, Jan 27th 2020

Musique Électroacoustique - Electroacoustic Music

I think I listened to the Sunday Jazz Workshop for more than 16 hours yesterday - I didn’t plan to but the playlist was so good… Brent is going to start doing them every Sunday.

This Is How You Smile continues to grow on me.

I moved on to disc two of this Radio Canada comp from 1990 and there are plenty more highlights – for me probably Marcelle Deschenes’ appropriately titled Big Bang II which is all explosions and cool spectromorphology as well as David Jaeger’s Fancye organ feature are some of the standouts. I also really enjoyed the rhythms and textures in Diana McIntosh’s …and 8;30 in Newfoundland as well – according to wikipedia she’s worked with Ann Southam who I need to get back into the queue sometime soon!

This disc ends with a fantastic strumming string drone freakout from James Montgomery called Saigon that also really stands out for me.

It’s sort of criminal this comp seems to have been erased from the earth at some point. I stumbled onto it via soulseek – please, go and find it there, this music deserves to be heard.