Listening - Friday, Jan 24th 2020

Three Linear Studies Of Cross-Synthesis

Tonight I’m soldering a kit with some drones to keep me company. Radboud Mens’ recent series of drone records are fantastic but this one is especially varied and lush. The brekekekekexkoaxkoax was way more deviant than I remember it being the last time I listened – lots of explorations of inharmonic spaces and I was much more aware of the presence of a room where things were taking place this time around.

Jose Gómez’ lovely stochastic music is just a (long) fragment from a huge collection on his bandcamp page. I have a soft spot for this kind of hyper-textured roughly digital microsound and he does a very nice job with it. It’s a beautiful sound world. I haven’t listened to the rest yet but I’m curious to hear more from the collection.