Listening - Tuesday, Jan 14th 2020

Build A Mountain Where Our Bodies Fall

Today was the yearly Richard D. James Album listen. Now that I’m actually writing it all down, I kind of wonder in a few years if I’ll be able to spot certain records like these that I think I’ve been playing about once a year or so for 15 or 20 years and more. Curious to see if that’s actually the case.

I’m also curious to see if eventually I’ll be able to see some listening patterns for certain records, and maybe even make groups out of them. Some records like 4Hero’s Two Pages when I put them on, sometimes they keep coming back to the turntable on a daily basis for days until I finally get it out of my system. That’s how I remember it feeling for some things anyway, I wonder if that’ll be the case too.

I haven’t listened to this AWE record (full disclosure Andrew used some of my bleeps and computer donks on it) in a long enough time that listening felt really fresh again. I can see this also becoming one of those yearly forever records…