Listening - Tuesday, Nov 12th 2019

A Glimpse of Hope

Most of my listening today was checking out the new Healing Sound Propagandist label out of Indiana. I’m not so interested in these genre projects as a general rule, the catalog so far stays firmly in well-tred territory somewhere between new age ambient, tone combination style drone (though never really gets as static as that) and hints of bedroom shoegaze. But of course that’s fine! I preferred Carlos Ferreira’s A Glimpse of Hope maybe because of the bunch it’s the most static and benefits as well from simply staying the course for about 51 minutes. All of these releases are very pretty and well executed even if they aren’t very… exciting or challenging. But not everything needs to be exciting or challenging.

I haven’t listened to radio in quite a while but sampling the Organzied Chaos show on aNONradio was fun. I wasn’t expecting a music show. It’s a mixture of (bear with me while I get all these genres completely wrong) speed gabber, mystical doom metal and a touch of breakcore. Not really my usual fare but that’s what made it fun. Teeming with teen angst and cheesy moves (glamish guitar solos in the metal, honky synth breakdowns in the EDM) regardless of genre – but also possesed of some kind of culture that I’m not a part of, and that usually gets my interest. Overall fun, energetic.

As I write the next show – Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – just started with a mix into Talking Head’s Burning Down The House. The DJ, snowdusk is on the mic! They’re making quips about arson over the song! So I’m going to stay tuned in for a while longer. I love indie radio.

The aNONradio project seems really cool – it’s an internet based community radio station loosely organized around UNIX and free software etc. I’m looking forward to sampling some of their other shows.