Listening - Tuesday, Nov 5th 2019

Music Around Benjamin Boretz: Open Spaces, 2005

This post has been sitting in my drafts queue for too long, I’ll just say the highlight of this (pretty extensive) compilation is J.K. Randall’s benfest reworking of Boretz’ UN(-). I swear to god if you scribbled Nobukazu Takemura’s name onto this I wouldn’t have batted an eye. I need to catch up with 21st century J.K. Randall. I dig the playful and clustery mixture between slick general MIDI FM synth module vibes and sharp arrangements. (Which could also describe a fair amount of Takemura’s work!) Maybe Randall is less risky with timbre and a bit more restless with thematic material, but I couldn’t stop marveling at the kindred spirits I was hearing between these two.