This year, all of my performances will be for unattended computer.

May 31st 2014 Lawrence University, Appleton WI

I'll be giving a workshop covering Pure Data essentials as well as a performance for unattended computer with pippi.

April 8th 2014 91.7FM WMSE, Radioland

Playing computer with Nomad Palace for WMSE's Local Live

March 14th 2014 ZuMest, Brooklyn NY

Performing in a duo with Nomad Palace as geodes, alongside the excellent trombone & guitar duo of Cherubim

March 15th 2014 Pyramid Atlantic Art Center / Sonic Circuits Washington DC

Performing in a duo with Nomad Palace as geodes, alongside the excellent trombone & guitar duo of Cherubim

December 1 2013 Transition

Today the Basic Sounds netlabel released a collaborative recording from a performance in January 2013 at the Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco. Andrew Weathers played guitar, electronics, and mastered the recording. Jason Nanna played modular synth. I played the computer. Please check it out! Basic Sounds

November 1 2013 Songbook 2

The followup to my 2010 album 'Songbook' is done. The album is a collaboration with Nate Zabriskie AKA Nomad Palace and will actually be released as a cassette on Of Plants with bonus material from Autistici and many others.

December 30 2012 Year End Lists

I'm very flattered to have been included in two year end lists recently. Mark Eitzel of American Music Club included my 'Milwaukee Pinebender' song in his favorites of 2012 for Brooklyn Vegan, and C. Reider of Vuzh Music included my album for the Pocket Fields netlabel in his favorite netlabel releases of the year.

November 29 2012 Pippi

The software I've been performing with this year is now available on github. It is quite alpha, poorly documented, and Linux-only now - but I would love feedback!

September 20 2012 Two At A C Drone

Marc Weidenbaum of Disquiet posted a really nice piece about a recording Nate and I made during rehearsal for tour.

February 29 2012 Fabric

Since June 2011 I've been hacking on a computer music system called Fabric. It's still a small child but now it has a website. :-)

December 5 2011 He Can Jog plays Eric & Magill: Computer Music With Voices

Here are my arrangements of three wonderful songs by Eric & Magill. Featuring vocals by Sawako, Brendan Landis, Wes Tank, and Cara Eggers; and electric guitar by Bryan Teoh.

November 26 2011 Collections of Colonies of Bees Remix

The Cocobees guys posted a remix I did of their excellent minimal rock song VORMS recently. It's a free download on soundcloud.